Friendly guy with a great smile and a ton of relevant skills

Hi, I'm Jason Pau!

Web Developer - Designer - Professional Googler


About Me

Howdy! I'm a creative web developer based in Orange County, CA, with a long history of working on both the development and design aspects of websites. I've worked with numerous technologies, languages, and content management systems over the years, with deep involvement in the entire process ranging from start to finish and including ongoing maintenance and optimization.

I'm currently looking for a position that will allow me to build websites and applications that are effective, efficient, and user-friendly. With my unique skill set I’m able to work effectively on both the interface and business logic side of each project.

On a more personal side, two of my favorite hobbies are backpacking to remote mountain lakes and camping in the wilderness. I really enjoy learning new things and can easily spend hours going down rabbit trails on Wikipedia and Stack Overflow. I also enjoy creative writing, drawing, and eating any kind of licorice.

Some of the technologies I use:

JavaScript jQuery HTML5 CSS3 SASS Bootstrap React Redux PHP MySQL Drupal 8 WordPress

Tools & Workflow

Git GitHub Node Packet Manager Meistertask Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Some of the other technologies and tools I've worked with: Linux, Apache, Webpack, Node.js, Firebase, Joomla, Sitefinity, ASP.NET, Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed Tools, W3C Validator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro

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